Email Review

You can review all outgoing emails that have been schedule by your users.

1. Click "Domain". You will notice a notification with the number task waiting to be reviewed next to the "Domain" icon. Also you will receive an email notification for each request.

2. Click "Tasks". Here will show you all emails that have been scheduled by your users. You will see the date and also who it's been requested by. 

3. Click on a task to review.
You can Approve and it will be sent at the scheduled time. If it's approved after the scheduled time, it will be sent immediately after you approve.
You can "Decline", then it's removed from the scheduled queue. Your user will receive an email stating that their request was declined.
You can "Make Changes" on the users behalf. Once doing so, it will be sent at the requested time.

4. You can also update the email subject line.

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