How to navigate Brokerloop Network

1. When you log in, the first screen you will see is the loop. Which is the community feed of posts from your peers.

2. On the right side of the loop, you will find the invite and the suggestion panel. You can use these to build your professional network.

3. With the search icon, you can search Brokerloop fr Groups, Agents and Posts by tag name.

4. Click the explore icon to navigate to the loop, to see new posts from the community.

5. Click the home icon to navigate to your feed, to see new posts from people you follow.

6. To access your direct messages, click the messages icon.

7. Click the add icon to create your own posts. You can create photo and video-based posts. Also, you can create surveys.

8. Click the bell icon to access all your notifications.

9. Click your profile photo to access all your resources. Such as your profile, stats, agent finder, group, surveys, scheduled posts, and more.

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