How to use Agent Finder

1. Building your network and collaborating with your peers has never been this easy. Take a look at the right side of the loop, you will find the invite and the suggestion panel. You can use these to build your personal network.

2. You can also find agents by clicking on the search icon.

3. You will see three options, you can search for Groups, Agents, and Tags. Now let's click on Agents and then hit the search Icon.

4. You can search for an agent by name

5.  or you can filter by listing criteria. For this example, we will click on "Show Filters"

6. You can filter by location, address, zip code

7. You can also filter by listings' price.

8. or by listing type.

9. or by Property Type.

10. You must select an Audience, the agent can be in the Brokerloop Community or in your company.

11. Once that you set your filters, let's click on "Filter"

12. The results will show agents matching your search criteria. You now can select the ones you want to connect with.

13. You can decide to send to your selected agents a text message or Direct Message inside the Brokerloop Platform.

14. or you can click a name to view a profile.

15. Once in the agent's profile, you can decide to follow

16. You can also send a Direct Message

17. You can subscribe to the agent's email list

18. and explore their profile, like their posts, listings, and followers.

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