How to create a social campaign from Studio

You can create and send a social graphic using Brokerloop Studio and share it with Brokerloop, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin.

1. Once in your dashboard, let's click the "Create Social" icon.

2. Select what type of social campaign you would like to create. Using Listing will auto-populate a template. Using "Custom" allows you to build a layout and upload your content from scratch.

3. For this tutorial, we will use a "Listing". Select your listing from the menu, it will highlight blue. Once complete, click the "Create New" button.

4. Select a template from the gallery. Once you do so, you can interact with the template by clicking on text and images to change the content. Click the "Save Changes" once you are done editing.

5. On the schedule screen, enter your post caption. Please note, if you need to write a longer caption you will need to schedule from Brokerloop Network.

6. Add a URL that you would like to link your content to

7. Then add the date & time you would like to publish and select which networks you would like to publish to.

8. Then hit Schedule

9. Once you click the schedule button, you will see the date & time it's scheduled for. If necessary, you can cancel at any time by clicking the cancel button.

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