How to create targeted postcards

1. Once in your dashboard, click on print

2. Then, select one of your listings and hit create new

3. Search for "Postcard" templates

4. Select a template to work with, edit, and save changes

5. With target, you can send postcards to specific addresses, neighborhoods, and set filters 

6. You can zoom in and narrow down your recipients as necessary

7. You can also draw a filter

8. Then, click on list

9. Add and remove recipients as needed 

10. Now, click on Map

11. As you can see, we have selected our recipients

12. Hit Next Step

13. Submit Payment Info

14. Before placing your order, please review, and hit preview on your right side panel.

15. You're all set! You just learned how to send Direct Mail using Brokerloop

Watch full video: REALTOR'S GUIDE: How to get leads for your real estate business using postcards #EASY STEPS

How to get more leads for your real estate business using postcards?

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