How to create an event

1. Creating a new event can be done in two ways. Click on your profile picture.

2. Then click on Events.

3. Hit on Create New.

4. Or you can click on the Plus Button

5. Then click on Event

6. Upload a cover image for your event

7. Add an event name

8. Then write your event's description

9. Select your start and end date and time

10. Select your event visibility. Public Events are visible to all the community and anyone can join. Private events are visible only to people you invite. 

11. Add topics

12. Once you are done, hit create

13. You can now send invites by name or using filters.

14. By using filters you can find agents based on their listings

15. Select agents and click on send invites

16. Then Click on the calendar icon to see your events

17. By clicking on attending you will see the events you decided to join.

18. From here you can get your event's link, add it to your calendar, or edit it.

19. When the event is about to begin, click join event.

20. Confirm your event and click Join

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