How to use Grids

Using Grids, you can build complex layouts.

1. Each Grid consist of 1 containing "Grid", 1 "Row" and 1 "Column.
Select a Grid block to Drag to the stage.

2. Now that you have your "Grid" placed on the stage, use the "Breadcrumbs" as navigation. You will see that your "Grid" contains 1 "Row" and 1 "Column".

3. Selecting an element from the "Breadcrumbs" highlights it. Here were are selecting a "Column" To make 2 Columns. Select the Column, then click the "+" button from the toolbar.

4. You will now have 2 equal columns.

5. You can adjust the size of columns by selecting a column. Then drag resize handle to adjust the column width.

6. If you would like to add another "Row" use the "Breadcrumbs" to navigate and select "Row".

7. Once you have your "Row" selected click the "+" button. It will duplicate the existing row. If you have content in the row, it will also duplicate the content from the Row above.

8. You will now have 2 "Rows".

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