What kind of campaigns can I build?

There are 3 types of campaigns that you can build using Brokerloop:

Listing campaigns use templates that are designed and formatted for a single listings. If your company has a listings feed set up with us, your listing campaigns are auto-generated from your company's database. This provides you with the convenience of not having to manually enter your listing data to a template. If not contact us today to find out how you can set one up.


Multi-Listings allows you to easily create a campaign that has more than one listing to a template. If your company has a listings feed set up with us, your listings will be available to add to a multi-listing template. You listing info will automatically get added to the template once you select your listing from the panel on the right.


Custom campaigns let you completely customize your content using our drag-&-drop builder. You can build simple and complex layouts. You can use the custom builder to create Newsletters, Announcements and more.

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